View From a Scope is an online publication dedicated to science topics ranging from health, mind, tech, AI, space, and scientific breakthroughs. 

The universe is filled with mysteries and possibilities waiting to be uncovered. Get your regular science fix here, and discover mind-bending articles that will make you pause and wonder.

We also publish articles about engineering, environmental science and innovation, among others. Expect insightful information, stories and updates about the world of science and technology.

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Learn More About the World Around You

In today’s world, you can only trust facts and concepts proven by science. 

Learn the truth about how things work and debunk myths. Get to know how things came to be and envision dozens of possibilities for the future.

Explore the Universe

Science and technology have come a long way. Explore what scientists today are capable of and learn more about mankind’s efforts to uncover the secrets of the universe.

Endless Discoveries

To be alive in a time when new discoveries, connections or theoretical insights revolutionize how the world works is pure joy for those of us who are passionate about science. 

If you’re curious about the origin of life or the search for life elsewhere, the complexities or limitations of the mind and body, the phenomenal and frightening technologies of the world and just about anything that impacts the human species, explore our website today.

Meet the experts

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Liam Garnier

Liam is a senior editor for View from a Scope. A graduate of Anthropology, he’s passionate about science, technology and AI and aims to empower people with knowledge and science. When he’s not writing about science, he spends his time honing his skills in photography. When he’s not working, you can find him camping in the mountains.

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Irena Lauren

Irena is a writer and editor for View from a Scope. She has a BA in Physics and the History and Philosophy of Science. When she’s not writing, Irena scuba dives, walks with her shih tzu and looks up weird facts and stories.

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