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View from a Scope | July 25, 2021

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Like a Taurus in a China Shop

Like a Taurus in a China Shop

Keep an eye towards Taurus this weekend and you might just see a few spectacular meteors. The Taurid meteor shower is taken place right now and will continue through the weekend, with the peak expected to be after midnight on the 11th and 12th. However forecasts for this evening in the North West of Ireland is calling for relatively clear skies compared to tomorrow and Monday so it might be best to go looking tonight after midnight.

The meteor shower is expected to produce about 10 meteors per hour at is peak, and although this is about average for meteor showers, the taurid shower usually produce more fireballs than other showers.

One good meteor is all it takes to make it all worth while.

The Taurus constellation should be easy enough to find, just look for the brightest object in the sky in an east / south eastern direction, this will be Jupiter. To the left of Jupiter will be the star Alnath and to the right of Jupiter you will have a cluster of stars called the Hyades and another bright star called Aldebaran. You are staring straight into the eyes of the Taurus bull now.

If you are interested in catching this shower on a time lapse, I would recommend setting your DSLR up as follows.

Aperture: F5.6

ISO: 800 / 1600

Shutter: 30 secs

Keep your camera pointing at one part of the sky, don’t go meteor hunting. connect your camera to a laptop and start your time lapse. I usually go for a frame every 45 secs. This give the camera the 30 secs for the shutter and allows 15 secs for the photo to be saved.


  1. Chris M

    What are you using to get those nice diagrams of the stars like the one in this post?

    • admin

      Hello Chris, Those diagrams are mainly screenshots from the program Star Chart. I believe it is only available on Windows 8 but you can get a mobile version of it for all the major phones. I find it an excellent way to find out what will be in view.

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