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View from a Scope | September 26, 2021

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My Lovely Pegasus, Running Through the Fields

November 4, 2012 |

They say when you buy a telescope that the first few nights you have it will be guaranteed to be cloudy. Well I am still without a telescope but someone somewhere must have got one because there has being nothing but cloudy nights for the last week.

Tonight I managed to catch a break in the clouds and got a great view of Pegasus. So this post will focus on the stars that make up this constellation. I did touch on some of these briefly in another post which you can read about here.

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Tonights View of the Sky – October 16th – Part 3

October 19, 2012 |

Andromeda and Pegasus Constellations

This part of tonights view of the sky will focus on some of the brighter stars sitting between the Andromeda and Pegasus constellations.

When I went out the other night to find the 3 stars, Mirphak (Aplha Persei), Algenib (Gamma Persei) and Miram (Eta Persei) I took a few photos of the area. It wasn’t until I examined the photos that I noticed some other cool features.

So technically I did see these items just didn’t recognise or notice them until I looked at the photos.

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