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View from a Scope | July 25, 2021

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Tonights View of the Sky – October 11

Tonights View of the Sky – October 11

Just taking one of the pictures I took last night and comparing it against the star chart. It’s amazing what details you can pick up on the photo that you would miss with your eye. Here are a few.

Tonights View of the Sky

I took some of the more obvious objects and these I could locate easily on the star chart. The items highlighted with a blue circle above are


The Pleiades is the cluster of stars at the bottom. I was planning on viewing these on Sunday night but got a great view of them last night. The cluster is sometimes called the seven sisters although there is actually 9 stars, but from the photo I can only positively identify 6 of them, which isn’t bad without a telescope.




From the Photo you can see at least 6 of the stars in the cluster,  There are actually seven labelled but Pleione and Atlas are so close together they look as one. All the stars in the cluster have being formed in the last 100 million years and are about 440 light years from Earth. Some of these stars are 1000 times hotter than the sun.





The next objects that caught my eye was a group of 3 bright stars up to the right of Pleiades. These make up the horns of the Aries constellation.


Is actually a binary star (two stars orbiting each other). they are 59.6 light years from Earth.


Another binary star system, these two stars take 5000 years to orbit each other.  They are 60 light years from Earth.


Hamal is 65.8 light years from earth, it is a red giant and may have a planet the size of Jupiter in orbit of it. It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky.


And the final star that caught my eye is, It is located near the top of the photo. Mirach is a red giant and is located 197 light years from earth. since the 40’s Mirach spectrum has been used as a yard stick to help classify other stars.


  1. Hi Ronan,

    It’s amazing what you can pick up on the canon 400D, can’t wait to see some time lapse projects on here 😉

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